About Us

Welcome to our flower farm!  My name is Paige Goodson, and together with my husband Michael, we've started out on a little adventure.  Michael is a 4th generation agricultural farmer, and I am an educator.  We live on our farm property that has about 200 adjoining acres.  I have a passion for flowers and the joy they spark in all who give and receive them.  In recent years, I've taken a slice of our acreage to grow, experiment, meditate, and find calm in the garden.  From seed to harvest, flowers represent such a beautiful cycle.

It is our desire to have others share in that experience as well.  When I was little, I wanted a cement yard and nothing to do with gardening.  My parents were both avid gardeners: my father with vegetables and my mother with flowers.  I would begrudgingly assist when asked to do so.  But as I've grown older, (hopefully) wiser, and gained some life-experience, the soil, the process, the success and the failures of gardening have provided a sanctuary that gives me peace.

The flowers are the product, but the journey is what is important.  It's the journey of self-discovery, persistence, and learned gratitude for what we cannot control.

While we are blessed with many acres to grow our crops; it doesn't take but a few square feet to experience the journey.  Our flower farm sets out to help the backyard gardener experience the joy of growing, harvesting, and sharing flowers.